Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fekkai Hair Product Review

I love the Fekkai Glossing hair products. Since my hair is dry from motherhood lol, I need something that can spice up my hair. After just 3 days of using the product, I noticed my hair is shinier, manageable and more relaxed (relaxed meaning not all over the place like sticking out lol)! I can comb it easier and it just feels like a nice nice relaxed hair. I don't have the time to do my hair and this product is amazing and just do wonders for my hair. Just do your regular routine using these products and your hair should be as shiny and manageable as ever!

Fekkai Glossing Hair products is now with encapsulating shine-release complex formula. Renew shine, all day, minute by minute. Inspired by nature with its winning formula containing olive oil, Brilliant Glossing now features encapsulated technology that helps deliver even reflective shine from root to tip, and refreshes your shine as you comb your hair for brilliant hair throughout the day.

I am a BzzAgent and received free samples!

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