Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GHIRARDELLI SQUARES Milk & Truffle review

OMG I love chocolates and chocolates is one of my weakness.... GHIRARDELLI  and chocolate milk & truffles = heaven in a bite.... SO YUMMY! The smoothness and creaminess of the GHIRARDELLI milk & truffles just melts in your mouth. Rich chocolate that is just finger licking good! I actually ate the whole package in just one sitting. I usually eat one square per day but I just cant resist this --- milk & truffles. I already bought 2 more packages but it's still closed since I know if I open it, I will again eat the whole package. I am planning to open it with my family this evening so I wont be tempted to eat the whole package again! This is by far my favorite square!

Ghirardelli's product line includes its signature SQUARES™ chocolate, chocolate bars, other chocolate confections, baking chocolate, and chocolate beverages. Ghirardelli premium chocolate is available at your local grocery store, drug store, mass-merchandise store, specialty store, department store, and Ghirardelli shops. I bought mine at CVS (my favorite store) for $4 a package.

thanks to Ghirardelli & shespeaks

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