Friday, April 27, 2012

Win a year supply of Purex

WOOOHOOO Purex will be launching a national campaign called Let's be Honest on April 30, 2012 featuring Second City Comedian Molly Erdman! 

Everyday through July 24, 2012, one will win a YEAR'S supply of Purex (WOW THAT'S A LOT OF YRS SUPPLY- I HOPE I CAN BE ONE) and they’ve created a funny series of short video vignettes sharing honest moments that reflect the ironic truths of everyday Life, Laundry, and Whatever. I wanna see that since my laundry only involves putting the clothes in the washing machine and I really hate ironing and folding and been making humor out of it all the time so that my hubby wouldn't see the pile of laundry to be ironed and folded lol.

Mark your calendars and be back on April 30 at plus if you haven't got a sample yet, samples are still available at