Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Navy Shorts from Crowdtap

Have you started opening your AC's and fans, are the spiders starting to show up, do you now enjoy wearing flip-flops, shades and hats? If you answered yes to any, well its time to flaunt your legs and wear some shorts coz its shorts season = SUMMER yay! 

Old Navy has a huge selection of shorts with a variety of colors, styles and prints to choose from. I am so excited that my mom and I got to sample the Old Navy's Shorts. Here are some of the shorts displayed when I went to the store. It's really hard to pick one, you just have to try them all out and see what best looks and fits you.

I originally wanted the Women's Pleated Sateen Shorts but it was not available in our store so I had to try everything in the store and thankfully I got the one that looks good on me and I feel will be timeless. I got the Women's cut-off demin shorts. It goes with almost every top, its comfortable and trendy. 

My mom got Women's Relaxed Chino Shorts because she said she wants a longer shorts and she said khakis looks good in every top and is classy. 

Overall, all the Old Navy shorts we tried on feels comfortable, has the best quality (you can tell by the fabric used and stitching), looks great and is true to size. Plus, one of the many reason I love Old Navy is that it always has a sale so when we went there, I bought 20pcs of clothing for me, my hubby and children and I only paid $37! WOOOHOOO! 

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