Sunday, July 22, 2012

Woolite Sample Share

I got the opportunity to sample and share Woolite via Crowdtap. I received 12 sample packets of Woolite Extra Dark Care to sample and share with my family and  friends. As you can see, I only got 8 left because my mom and sisters run with their share already before letting me take a picture of it first lol. I distributed the other samples to my friends and neighbor and they said Thank you and it worked great especially on their dark clothes!

Woolite® Extra Dark Care has a special formula that cleans and helps maintain the original color intensity of your dark clothes. It won't cause fading, shrinking or stretching, so dark colors stay vivid and clothes look like new for longer.

Here is a pix of my fav jeans and as you can see, the color is still vibrant after so many uses and washes (I used  Woolite Extra Dark Care to wash it)

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