Thursday, November 29, 2012

Old Navy Dress from Crowdtap

Did I told you guys that I love Old Navy & Crowdtap! I was recently given an opportunity to sample & share the latest Old Navy dresses and I went to the store to pick up my dress. There are tons of styles to choose from and we tried on a couple. 

I tried on the Women's Maxi Sweater Dress first because I love maxi dresses but this one is not for me. If it was a size medium maybe It'll fit me better unfortunately my store only got one dress in-stock since this was just a return from

then my hubby wanted me to try the Women's Striped Maxi-Tube Dresses but this is also not for me.....

and I finally tried this dress and loved it so this is what I got! I cant find it at but this was in my store!

And this is what my mom got, the Women's Crepe Tie-Belt Shift Dress

Overall, all the Old Navy dresses we tried on feels comfortable, has the best quality (you can tell by the fabric used and stitching), everything was so pretty and is true to size. Plus, one of the many reason I love Old Navy is that it always has a sale so when we went there, we got a couple more pieces for my hubby, me & our kids!

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