Sunday, December 16, 2012

FREE Listia 500 credits = $5 with free shipping

Sign up for Listia and you get an initial 500 credits = $5 = FREE items with free shipping! I have been a member since May 2012 and got tons of free stuff with free shipping since then. I don't buy any of my kids video games, I get it all for FREE on Listia

Listia is like ebay but we dont use money to bid on an item , we use credits! When you join, you'll get an initial 500 credits all for FREE and you can already get some free stuff with free shipping with that 500 credits just click search then sort by ending soonest and bid on the item  you want (I always bid on items with free shipping)-- or you can always search an item you want and bid on it. Like this Spyro playstation game, I won it just for 304 credits! AWESOME right. 

Then, you can get more credits by Completing offers to earn Credits and/or by selling your items like coupons of FREE products that you dont need or items that you dont need anymore. Its like ebay but for  for FREE STUFF! Its like trading items that you no longer need (One man's trash is another man's treasure).

Join Today & Get 500 Credits Free (Value $5)

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