Thursday, January 3, 2013

Old Navy Activewear via Crowdtap

Did I told you guys that I love Old Navy & Crowdtap! I was recently given the opportunity to sample & share the latest Old Navy Activewear and I went to the store to pick up an activewear top and pants. There are tons of styles to choose from and we tried on a couple. 

I tried on the Women's Active GoDRY Running Tops first in black with the Women's Active Compression Pants and I love it but wanted to try for more styles! BUT the pants is a keeper! It feels so comfy especially in the waist line!

then I tried the Women's Active Micro Performance Fleece Jackets and I love it so much. It was light weight, it looks fashionable and you can even wear it as a regular everyday jacket but I was thinking of a top that I can use to exercise with.

And finally, I went back to Women's Active GoDRY Running Tops in retro violet. I just want more colors in my closet! Plus I look slim on it!

My mom was not with me when she got hers but she said she got the Women's Active Micro Performance Fleece Jacket in black and Women's Active Compression Pants in carbon! She said she feels 10 years younger wearing them!

Overall, all the Old Navy Activewear that we tried on feels comfortable, has the best quality (you can tell by the fabric used and stitching), everything was so pretty, is true to size and IT IS SLIMMING.  Plus, one of the many reason I love Old Navy is that they always have a sale so when we went there, we got a couple more pieces for my hubby, me & our kids!

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