Friday, November 11, 2011

Nomorerack's Insanity deals like $43.2 for an IPAD

OMG I just got a word that Nomorerack will be having a HUGE INSANITY DEALS for the holiday!!!!! They will be offering high ticket items such as electronics and fashion items at 80-95% off MSRP! OMG I am so excited with this.... 

Over 1,000 insanity deals will go LIVE each month and will appear at any time and limited quantities are available. The only way to know when the deals are up is to check very often. Nomorerack said that deals will include an IPAD for just $43.20 OMG!!!! Kindle for $15.87!!!! 52” Sony Bravia LCD HDTV for $59.96!!!!! Sony PS3 for $26.54!!!!! $18.26 for an ipod touch!!! $37.79 for a sony laptop!!!! Nomorerack offers flat rate shipping of $2 per item! I don't know when will this start but i'll keep an eye out and post when i see something... 

Update via nomorerack: Insanity deals will randomly go live through out the month at any point of the day. They get added in one of the 9 slots. They will go extremely fast, as quantities are limited (Only 1000 items a month and at least 30 of each item). 

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But wait.... do you know you can score freebies from them--- see my post on how to get some and pictures of freebies I got from nomorerack!


More on insanity deals....

FAQ about Nomorerack's Insanity Deal (from nomorerack's website):

How will it work?
Every month we will be selling 1,000 high ticket electronics and fashion items for between 80-95% off. Unlike our other deals, you will have no idea when we are going to list the items so you'll have to check the site as often as possible. One month all Insanity Deals may take place on 1 day and others it may be evenly spread out over the whole month. These products will sell out fast and are hands down the best deals on the Internet so you better react quickly. Good luck and enjoy!

What products are going to be sold?
We currently offer Apple iPads, Amazon Kindles, Sony Vaio laptops, Apple iPhones, Sony Bravia TVs, iPod Touches, GPS', cameras, Sony Playstation 3s, Gucci boots, Prada handbags, and Movado watches.

Will products change daily?
No, unlike regular NMR deals, these products do not change daily. We will add and remove products based on demand, but these changes will not be daily.

How many products will go live?
There is no set amount of items we sell a day. Some days we might sell many items at once, some days we'll sell 1 every hour, and other days we may not sell any at all. All we guarantee is we will sell at least 30 of each item and 1,000 total items every month.

How do I buy?
If you are on the Insanity Deal page and you see a product with the green letters "LIVE" written over it, that product is currently available. Be one of the first to click it and purchase it, and it's yours. Each user is limited to one Insanity Deal purchase per day. Leave some for the rest of the users!

Why dont I see th items live?
Keep in mind there is only a limited number of products sold each day and there are thousands of active users on the site. Most products don't stay live for more than a few minutes.


  1. is the insanity deal page different than page?

  2. same page it will just pop out on the todays deals as i understood from nomorerack :)