Friday, November 4, 2011

Old Navy Women's Outwear

OMG Thank you Crowdtap for giving me the opportunity to sample Old Navy's Outwear. Me and my mom had so much fun in the store! I always wanted to get some new stylish wool jackets and haven't saved enough for one because all the money I save always goes to our bills (sounds familiar) lol. So when I was chosen by Crowdtap & Old Navy to sample their Outwear this season, I was literally jumping and crying for joy! 

Now to tell you what me & my mom got. We got the Women's Wool-Blend Double-Breasted Coats. I got the camel color and she got the cream one (more white looking to me). To tell you frankly, the coats looks way so much better in person than online. If I were to purchase online, I wouldn't pick this item.  See the difference in person versus on-line. Mine is the camel one (first one) and the cream one is my moms (i think it more looks like white). The color is so much different than the one showed on-line.

Would you agree than the coat is so much more fabulous in person! Anyways, I love the fabric of the coat. Even though its wool, its not itchy and its very warm inside. With this coat and some cute scarf and boots, you'll be on your way to stardom! I am definitely turning heads on my new coat and loving IT! Although this was not my first choice, I am happy with my camel wool coat since I have the boots to pair with it! 

Originally I was hoping to get the Women's Wool-Blend Coats in solid grey since I have a vision in my mind to get all of these for Christmas (hint hint hubby)!!!

Wool coats are always in style. Its a classic, timeless piece that is a must have in any closet! It keeps you warm plus makes you look fabulous. This is one selfish reason why I love cold days, so I can wear my stylish scarfs, boots and coats!

There are lots of outwear items to choose from at Old Navy and their frost-free bubble jackets looks super cute and feels very warm during those freezing days! You can take a look at their online selections now and take advantage of their sale. ALL Old Navy's Outwear are on sale up to 50% off starting at $29 for adults & $20 for kids plus they now have a 30% off coupon that you can use!


  1. looks so good congrats on being picked

  2. and I must agree that the coat looks better in person

  3. I live 128 miles from the nearest OLD NAVY STORE ,drive there every year to shop. so happy for their clothes.