Saturday, March 31, 2012

$10 worth of freebie with free shipping via Copious

(Copious got a rule that you have to have enough fb friends & twitter followers to get credit)
Step 2:  PLUS additional $10 credit for OLD & NEW members using this link HERE good while supplies last!
Step 3: On the main screen where you see listing, click on everything and search for "free shipping" (you can sort by lowest) or you can search by category & search by lowest
Step 4: Choose what you want that is $10 and below (or $20 for new members) you might have a marketplace fee, mine was 51 cents so i included that within the $10 credit i had. if you didnt choose free shipping, you should include shipping within the credit (shipping fee can be applied to credits)
Step 5: Continue to check-out
Step 6: Apply your credits to the cart
Step 7: You will need to pay at least 1 cent to verify your account (Tip: I used my prepaid cards, i have now a use to those with the 5 cents balance prepaid cards

Here's the breakdown of my order: 


  1. Yayyyy!! Thanks for this info. I got 2 items and still have $3.65 left in credits. I got 2 candles from yankee candle and a gemstone ring. Both free shipping

  2. I signed up and it did not give me any credit..

  3. you should be getting credit pls email . remember you should have enough fb or twitter follower to get credit im not sure how many fb friends but my friend got 20 friends and got credit

  4. I have a copious account but it didnt give me any credit

  5. Can I spend the credit on anything I know it says to shop Alex and Afton but you said you got a candle so I was wondering if that is under their profile

  6. i think the $15 is for alex & afton i tried using it but it only applied to their shop but the $10 for new members can use it on any item

  7. I'm signing up, but it keeps telling me my 2 words were incorrect, but it didn't give me 2 words to type in. lol