Saturday, March 31, 2012

Old Navy Dress from Crowdtap

I just wanna say I was so psyched when I got chosen to sample Old Navy's Spring Dresses (get a free dress) via Crowdtap. I love Old Navy and always shop there (or window shop at least once a month).  Almost all of my kids' clothes came from Old Navy.

I must confess, I have the obsession for Maxi Dresses so I was jumping for joy when I got chosen! When I got the email, I started browsing dresses at and saw immediately what I wanted so when I got the coupon in the mail, I rushed to Old Navy and got me the Women's Ruffled Chiffon Maxi Dress in Night Flight color. I felt like a VIP when I was in the store coz they said i'm an "Old Navy Style Council" (lol) so they helped me chose a dress. Some of the dresses if I may say made me look fat(ter) or I just then realized I got fat during winter (lol). I did tried everything but still went back to my 1st love - the ruffles chiffon maxi dress. 

I love maxi dresses coz I have kids and little ones that sometimes I need to run after. The ruffled maxi dress made me feel dolled, beautiful and comfortable.  This dress fitted me the way I want it to fit me and I love love love the print and color.  

My mom also got a free dress and she chose the Women's Crepe Tie-Belt Dress in Anjou Pear color. She said she looked pretty and younger with the dress ad she loved the color and the material.  

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