Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm loving ebates! I order tons of stuff online from the free credits and free gift cards i won and I just recently came to love ebates and I wish I did this sooner!

New members gets $5 cash or $10 gift card of your choice like Target or Home Depot plus you get 1% to 52% cash back from your online purchases! I tried it and got $22.02 cash back from my online purchases (which also was a free gift card and free credits) so basically I got it all free.

Step 1: Sign up click here
Step 2: Select a store via ebates where you want to shop online like Walmart, Vitacost, Target, and many more (you have to be logged-in)
Step 3: Shop on your favorite on-line store
Step 4: Cash back rewards are credited to your account within 48hrs of purchase
Step 5: Get a check of your cash back every 3 months

Plus, ebates offer double cash back everyday with a few stores of their choice per day!

Note: you can cash in your $5 or $10 gift card once you order $25 or more via ebates

So before you make that online purchases, make sure to go through ebates and YES, you get cash back even if your using gift cards and credits!

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