Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thermal-aid Giveaway

Do you that these cute little bears are not just there to be cute and cuddly but it actually is a 100% Natural Heating and Cooling Pack! I love these bears because my children especially my youngest doesn't want any packs on his head or tummy when he's sick. As you can see, my son loves Hunter, the green bear and its easy to use, just put the bear inside the freezer or in the microwave. If you need a heating pack, just place the thermal-aid bear on a clean surface in the center of the microwave for approximately 45-60 seconds and if you need a Cooling pack, just place the thermal-aid bear in the freezer for approximately five hours. The best part is that it reduces fever. relieves pain & is washable!

Thermal-Aid” is a revolutionary, 100% natural therapeutic heating/cooling treatment pack specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Their researchers worked closely with milling engineers from the largest agribusiness companies in the world to create a line of products, using a unique process, which allows a specialized corn to hold temperatures for long periods of time. This process removes the germ from the kernel, thus removing virtually all the moisture and preventing mold or fungi from forming. The entire process hardens the corn segments, causing an even temperature in each segment, and creating extended temperature retainment (hot and cold). This also extends the life of the corn beyond that of the material it’s sewn into!

My family was also able to try the medium sectional which my husband loves so much since he said and I quote "the heat of the thermal-aid sectional stays longer than any other heating pads I have used and the heat is just enough for the pain and for my skin". The Medium Sectional is designed to relieve pain all over the body. It wraps around parts of the body offering more coverage. The Medium Sectional is best used for larger parts of the body like the shoulder, hip, back and much more. The Medium Sectional is made from all natural ingredients and is the only green heating and cooling pack that you can clean with soap and water and it won’t form mold or fungi.

You see, my husband and I have an on and off back pain especially me, after giving birth to my youngest. My husband also has mild arthritis which made the thermal-aid medium sectional his best friend for almost a week now. He keeps on hogging the thermal-aid because he said, the thermal-aid relieves his back and arthritis pain especially after a long day at work. 
Plus, I just want to add that our house smells like a popcorn after heating the packs and it smells so good! 
Thermal-aid is available at, Walgreen's & Costco.
Now, I'm so excited to tell you that there will be two winners, one of each item. Just enter below via rafflecopter! You can do one or more entry, more entries, better chances. Will announce winner before Mother's Day! :)

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